Nine Times


Luke’s soccer uniform: day 9.

And counting…

I know deep down he will eventually outgrow this. I’m sure he’s not going to be lacing up his teeny child size 11 cleats to go to the prom. I don’t think he’ll still be wearing the stinky yellow poly blend knee highs on his honeymoon. But right now I don’t see an end in sight. Halloween maybe? Thanksgiving?

Just don’t be surprised when our Christmas card takes on a sports theme this year.


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  1. My kids went through this phase right around Halloween. They would wear their costumes from the minute they were bought/made and would not take them off until Christmas. The princess costumes were the worst. I LMHO when I see a little girl shopping with her Mom at the grocery store in her princess costume. I know exactly what’s going on. All I can say is choose your battles…wisely.

  2. absolutely nothing wrong with it! so cute. i see kids around who have clearly dressed themselves, and i say bravo to the mother who lets her kids make their own clothing decisions (within reason). kids get to make so very few choices in their life, seems like this one is a good place to start. and besides, it’s entertaining to the rest of us!

    • Make no mistake, I have no qualms with the jersey. It’s the infested socks, cleats and shin guards that aren’t even allowed to come off for bed I’m concerned about. Today I told Luke his shoes smelled so bad, I didn’t think I could help him tie them. He took a whiff and said, “Ya, they do. But I don’t care. I’ll just plug your nose while you tie them up for me.” And he did.

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