Team Spirit


Luke has been wearing the same outfit since last Tuesday: his soccer uniform. The polyester frock has taken only short respites for church and baths. But after both of those activities, he slides right back into the stinky ensemble, cleats, shin guards and all.

“You cannot sleep in my bed with those cleats on.”

“Fine, I’ll sleep in my own bed or on the floor.”




After day three his feet were starting to smell, so in the still of the night, I crept into his room and removed the hand-me-down cleats, the thick dingy socks, and the shin guards and let his little piggies breathe. (And to toss the lot into wash.) Ahhh. Much better, I thought.

The next morning he greeted me with bed head and a cocked fist. He demanded to know where his things were! Somebody had stolen his uniform!!

“Whoa, hey, little buddy. Nobody stole anything. The socks were starting to get gross, so I put them in the wash. Your shins are getting a rash from wearing your shin guards non-stop, so I thought I’d put those in the wash too and let your legs air out during the night. No big deal. Let me pop ’em in the dryer now and they’ll be done in a jiffy.”

“What?!! They’re not dry yet?!! Ugh! It’s gonna take FOREVER!”

Needless to say, I had a grumpy pants (strike that. I had a grumpy black silky shorts) until that dryer pinged and he was once again outfitted properly.

Right now we are on day six. It’s getting gross again. His game is tomorrow. The uniform is supposed to be yellow, but unless I can slip it off his sleeping body, wash, dry it, and put it back on his snoozing frame before he has a chance to wake up, he’ll have to join the dishwater gray team, whoever they are.

Oh, it’s gonna be a long night.

Goooooooo Stingers!!


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