Post Its


What to post, what to post? So much happens and yet nothing happens. The cursor mocks me. (Sigh…)

Should I tell you all how Dean has turned into a pantry plunderer? He doesn’t go there for snacks, but to actually plunder. He somehow reaches my plastic bins of grains, rice, and flour, opens them and lets the fun begin. Yesterday I couldn’t find the flour and thought I was going crazy. Then Dean mozied on in from the backyard looking like a ghost who got in a fight with a bottle of baby powder. Flour found. Time out: two minutes. This morning I stepped out of the shower and into 2 pounds of white rice. Time out: four minutes. Who knows if these time outs are even effective.

When’s my time out?

Or should I tell you how bad I am at retrieving messages from my home line? I check my email religiously. My cell phone voice mails are listened to and deleted with promptness. But my home line? My usual M.O. is to scroll down the caller ID after returning home from errands. After that I’m so busy unloading groceries, checking my email and listening to my i-phone’s voice mails, I don’t have time to do all that work of picking up my corded home telephone, dialing my home number, password, pressing one for messages, pressing seven to delete…it’s all so manual. So it was no surprise I had 15 messages today! Trouble is, there’s no time and date stamp feature so it’s anybody’s guess how long it’s been since these lovely people called. Was Luke invited over for a play date 2 weeks ago or today?

So for future reference, family and friends, if you have a message for me, email me. Or better yet, “comment.”

Or shall I tell you about our recent house hunting troubles?  The owners of this fabulous house we’re renting called and want to come back! For Christmas! The audacity–wanting to spend Christmas in their own home. So last night Paul and I loaded the kids in the car and combed the streets searching for a For Rent sign within our school boundaries. No such luck so far, but we’re certain something wonderful will turn up at the right time.

Or I could tell you how Paul is going golfing this afternoon with clients and that can only mean one thing for me: cereal for dinner!


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  1. There are only so many ways I can keep up– email, text, cell phone voicemail, snail mail, carrier pigeon. That leaves home voicemail in the dust always. Normal for me is “You have 9 new voicemails!” oops. The bonus? Two weeks ago on a friday, they were looking for an emergency Sister to speak in church. They ALWAYS call the home line. Didn’t check that message until sunday night. Responsibility avoided! 😀

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