Two’s Company


During my morning walk with the little boys (well, I walk. They lounge in the stroller looking at books and playing with my i-phone,) Dean dropped his beloved Mimi. (The blankie. THE blankie.)

We did not make this horrifying discovery until we were almost home.

“MIMI! Where my mimi, Mom? I want my MIMI!!” he wailed.

His sorrow did not stop either when I tried to explain he must have dropped it awhile back and we would simply retrace our steps.

“Mimi! Mimi!!!” he lamented through the streets.

We tacked on another mile, easy, looking for the ragged blue velveteen cloth, but I cannot adequately describe my elation at seeing it lying there, crumpled up in the middle of the street. We had found it! All would not be lost! Dean would nap! My two year old would know happiness again!

That’s when I made a very important decision: we need two mimis. I had bought his mimi at Ikea many moons ago, and I thought, if there is a Mimi Fairy out there, surely it has not been discontinued!

A few meatballs and a spilled lingonberry juice later, we are now the proud owners of two mimis. The second one is to be kept under tight security, only to be pulled out in cases of dire need and/or extreme meltdowns when mimi A goes MIA. In my opinion, this fits right in under Year Supply.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Why did it take me so long to invest an extra $9 in my toddler’s happiness and by direct correlation, my sanity? No harm in taking a few extra precautions to ensure a good nap.

Speaking of, that excursion to Ikea really took the starch right out of me. I could use a post lunch nap as well.

So what do I snuggle with? What’s MY mimi? Oh, that’s right. I’ve got two too.


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  1. oh man, there is almost nothing worse than losing these kinds of things. but, as it’s nearly a daily thing for every mother, i’m proud to see you’ve got it down – calmly going back and looking for it.

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