First Day


What kind of blogging mother would I be if I didn’t post pictures from the first day of school? It’s the one big event of the year when I actually remember to bring the camera. So with no further ado, I give you Andy and Kate’s first day of school, big 3rd grader and 1st grader respectively.

It’s funny, this is the first time I’ve only had two at home all day since Andy and Kate were my only two babies. Now it’s just me and the little boys for a full 7 hours! I’m not even sure what to do. Gut closets? Organize our food storage? Give Luke the undivided attention he so desperately needs?

One thing we have to do today without fail is take Luke to the store to get his plastic sword. You see, yesterday was Dean’s 2nd birthday and he got a little $3 sword. From the moment he ripped off its Christmas wrapping paper, the sword has been a source of heated contention between the two of them.


“I just wanna look at it!”


“Give it!”


You get the picture. Since Luke has $4 of birthday money burning a hole in his own pocket, and it seems the above argument has no end in sight, he has asked/begged me to take him to the store to get an exact replica of Dean’s swashbuckling weapon of choice. Today. Now. Right now Mom!

"En garde!"


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  1. When my kids were growing up I was usually a little sad when school started back up. But a little relieved too. When school started I’d know where they were every day, they’d be (maybe) learning something worthwhile, they wouldn’t be sneaking snacks throughout the day and they wouldn’t be watching TV, fighting with brothers and sisters, making a mess… you get the picture. But they also weren’t there to share a joke, decide to go on a picnic to the park, watch a movie WITH ME, help me make cookies….you get the picture. I just love 1st day of school pictures. Thanks for posting.

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