Celebrity Sighting


Paul is in New York City on business this week. Last night he went to a Yankees game. He had on a black jacket and a baseball cap and was alone. After a few innings, a group of native New Yorkers began to stare at him…whispering and staring until Paul started to feel a bit uneasy. Finally one of them scraped up enough nerve to go and talk to him.

“Hey, are you that guy from “The Mummy?” (He means Brendan Fraser, the actor.)

“No, man.” he replied and then walked down to take a few pictures of the field. On his way back up the steps, this rather intimidating group stopped him again.”

“Nah, man! It’s you! You look just like him!!”

Paul didn’t know what else to do, so he decided to enjoy the lime light a little.

“Ya, but keep it on the down low. I’m really just here to enjoy the game.”

“WAHHHH! Whoa!! Oh, man! Look, guys, it’s that guy from ‘The Mummy!!’ I told you, I told you!”

Now, I made this celebrity look-a-like connection 14 years ago when Paul was 19. He never saw it. So when he called me last night, double over from laughing, I couldn’t help a little, “I told you so!” I don’t know why he fought it for so long. I mean, who doesn’t want to be mistaken for George of the Jungle? Encino Man? Those are high compliments!!

You see the resemblance? Maybe these will help. I can’t tell if they’re Brendan Fraser or Paul’s old college photos from our study abroad trip to Egypt:

It’s no wonder I fell in love.


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