Say What?


Quotes of the day:

Dean: “Owwy! Stinky! Diaper!” (I heard this at least ten times today. He has a diaper rash. Poor little guy.)

Luke: (As soon as Paul sat down at the dinner table,) “So, how was work?”

“Good…Luke. How was play?” he responded.

“Dad, I don’t just play all day!”

“Of course you do. What else do you do?”

“Dad! I watch TeeeVeee?


(I promise, we did read books, clean our rooms and jump on the trampoline today too.)

Kate: “Mom! Look! I can do a cartwheel!!” (This was a big moment for her. A full fledged, bona fide cartwheel. I told her I would only sign her up for gymnastics if she could do a good cartwheel and go across the monkey bars without help. She hasn’t conquered the monkey bars yet, but she did stick her cartwheel landing! She even arched her back and extended her arms at the end, just like the pros!)

Andy: “Oh, mom. I don’t want to have to sit around in a barber shop all afternoon! Why don’t you just let me cut your hair? I’ll cut it real straight, I promise! You cut our hair. Please? How hard can it be?” (He was serious too.  Boy, I need a stylist who makes house calls.)

So, will Dean’s diaper rash ever heal over? Will Luke come to realize TV time is play time? Will Kate finally get signed up for gymnastics? Will Mom ever find the time to get a haircut without handing the scissors over to an 8 year old?

What will they say next?

Stay tuned…


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