Tie Dye For


When I was about Kate’s age, my mom threw me a Hawaiian themed birthday party. We tie dyed. T-shirts, sarongs. It was fun, but I didn’t think it was necessarily very Hawaiian until I visited the city of Paia, Maui last week. You see, that entire town is stuck in 1971. (Except now all the hippies have long gray hair.) Everyone we chatted with had the same story: “I came here on vacation in the 70’s man, and never went back.”

So when Kate begged me to throw a Hawaiian themed party for her and all her neighborhood friends today (I suspect she wanted have a venue in which to wear the new grass hula skirt we brought back for her) I immediately thought, “Shaw! We could totally tie dye, man.”

All it took was a few boxes of Rit, rubber bands and some squirt bottles and we were in business. A great solution for those stained and ratty looking white tees we had cluttering our drawers. All her friends came. It was the perfect outdoor summer activity. The shirts turned out pretty cute too.  We even made leis out of yarn and Fruit Loops. It was “shaka” dude.

I just hope nobody went home and took a nap on a white couch.


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