I Hop, You Hop


IHOP has a great deal going on right now. Everything on their kid’s menu is just $1.99 including the drink! So I decided this morning was the perfect time to introduce my kids to what is a real restaurant breakfast (i.e. not my usual gelatinous gruel I serve up each morning.) Believe it or not, this was their first time in a restaurant for breakfast.

How do they make that whipped ball of butter that perches on top of the short stack so sweet and creamy? They weren’t sure if it was butter or whipped cream. And that bacon….real bacon…sigh. (Not the lack luster faux bacon their mom buys.) The eggs, the sausage, those fluffy white pancakes freed from their fibrous husky hauls! Like biting into savory, satisfying clouds.

And who is this strange man who keeps asking if we would like a refill? He says he’ll even clean up this mess when we’re through! He brought us the food, and he’ll clear it away! Oh, could the gods be this kind? Is this how breakfasts are supposed to be? No dishes to scrub, bottomless lidded cups of chocolate milk and pillowy refined carbs as far as the eye can see?

It was a fun splurge. They got to practice ordering, the correct way to get a waiter’s attention, using good table manners, saying thank you to the server, and how to figure the tip. We don’t frequent sit down restaurants all that much (their favorite “restaurant” is Costco,) so it was good practice.

Good, and delicious.

And heavy. Ugh.


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