Amelia Bedelia’s Recipe Exchange


I’m just like Amelia Bedelia. I too have a few fab, tried and true recipes that save me from getting fired.

Remember how no matter to what degree Amelia Bedelia botches and goofs, she’s able to securely hold onto her job with a simple, delectable lemon meringue pie? That’s me.

The house can be a mess, I can be late picking up the kids, and the weeds in the yard can be reaching heights taller than Dean, but if I have a “lemon meringue pie” coming out of the oven, all is forgiven. All is right again. My family will keep me on one more day.

For some reason, my “save-the-day-lemon-meringue-pies” don’t include pies at all. Pie’s not my forte. I have been handed down an All-is-Forgiven Amish Bread recipe that invariably saves me from otherwise certain disaster. I have a salad recipe with a homemade dressing that keeps crowds begging for more. (I know, begging for salad? Yes.) I make a mean chili every fall that calls for cinnamon and it’s by far my most requested recipe. And my kids and husband would each answer under oath that I make the best chocolate chip cookie in the world. The best.

But that’s it. That’s all I got. These scrumptious concoctions have managed to saved my hide every holiday, family get together, baby shower, wedding shower, and every new neighbor move in.

But people are catching on.

I have a sneaky suspicion they know just how limited my repertoire is. I fear the day one of my devoted food fans will ask,

“What does the chef has that’s new?”

Did Mr. and Mrs. Rogers ever tire of Amelia’s lemon meringue pies? Did those ever become passe? How long can a blundering maid keep her great gig without sensation pie?

If I could just get a few more recipes. Just a handful of 3×5 cards scribbled with some new, fantabulous fare that could secure my spot in Family Culinary Lore for generations….I’d only need about four or five…

So how about it, girls? Let’s help each other keep our posts.

What’s your “Lemon Meringue Pie?”


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  1. most of my tried and true save the day recipes are on my food blog. raspberry pie. sugar cookies. chicken casserole. caramels.

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