Hitched Hike


On Memorial Day morning, Paul and I took the kids on a little hike in the mountains. We did our research and found a short hike that was “young family friendly.” According to the reviews, you could practically take a stroller for 90% of the trip and enjoy eating a picnic lunch at the edge of a beautiful waterfall. We were in.

After slapping together six sandwiches, slathering on the sunblock, and side winding up the canyon for a few miles, we were ready. The fist 100 yards or so of the marked hike was a paved road.

“You call this hiking?!” whined Andy. “This is a paved road! Asphalt! I want adventure! You know, through the forest!?”

He attempted to go “off trail” with a spirited Lewis & Clarkish bravado, but I reigned him in. Little did he know, he’d get his wish for adventure just around the bend.

Remember all that research we did before embarking on this exciting expedition? Well, a closer look would’ve told us that all the reviews were written in August and September.

When the snow had melted.

A few more steps and Andy found “where the sidewalk ends.”

That was the end of our dry feet. Soon we were sludging, slipping, and sliding on springtime snow. Lots of it.  Ankle deep. What frosty patches had melted left our dirt path monster truck muddy. Kate called the stretches of gooey muck “treadmills.” She could literally run in place on the inclines. She only fell three times.

Did I mention Paul and Andy were wearing Tevas as per the reviewers’ suggestion? That’s Paul in the back. Brrrrr……

But we forged ahead. We held hands, held each other, and put one foot in front of the other. And darn it, we made it!! We made it to the falls! Ham and cheese sandwiches had never tasted so good!

I’m sure your wondering how Dean survived the harrowing hike. Don’t you worry about him. He had the cushiest ride on the whole mountain strapped to Paul’s strong back listening to the Black Eyed Peas. Every now and then we could hear him crooning,

“Wooooo, hooooo….tonight’s gonna be a good night…”

And Dean was right. It was a good night. Once their toes had defrosted and their tummies were full, all they remembered was that they did it. It was difficult and they had conquered. I overheard them telling their cousins about their great adventure and all I heard was,

“It was sooooo awesome!”


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