Mom’s the Word


I feel like Jo March from Little Women when she came bounding through the front door of Orchard House and exclaimed, “I’m an author, I’m an author!!”

I can hardly believe it myself, but I had my first article published in a very respectable online magazine today. I hadn’t seen my name in print like that since I wrote for my alma mater’s daily paper, many moons ago, back when all my first paragraphs had to include the five W’s.

You can check out my big debut by clicking here.

Look for the article “Club Mom.”

Speaking of moms, today is my mother’s birthday. That June 1st was the start of a wonderful chain of events. As I type this, Luke and Dean are squealing, giggling, and wielding plastic swords as they sprint around 1/64 of a mile loop circumnavigating the kitchen. They wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my mother, because I wouldn’t be here. And their children and so on…She is one strong link.

Because she was such a fabulous mother, I always saw motherhood as the ultimate, never as a fall-back plan or something mind numbing. It was the pinnacle of options. She made everything beautiful and magical and neat.

Little things she did unknowingly became “family traditions” in my mind. We are planning a trip to visit her this summer, and already my kids are naming off specific things they want to do once we get to “Nana’s House.” I know she has no idea what these must-do activities are on their agendas because all of the ordinary things become extraordinary at Nana’s House. Feeding the dog, playing with that one particular toy, even cereal tastes better at Nana’s House. Everyday they ask me, “how many more day’s until Nana’s House?”

Let the final countdown begin.


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  1. I just read your article & it was awesome! I smiled & laughed. Thanks for reminding me that when we are moms we really do have club & we never have to be alone!

  2. What a fun article you wrote for Meridian Magazine. My kids wonder why I talk to mommy strangers too.

    I don’t run the website but http://www.powerofmoms has some talented writers like yourself. You may want to consider writing for them. I’d love to hear more of your ideas.

  3. Awesome!! And Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom. She is still one of my favorite people and helped me so much as a teenager. The number one thing I learned as a teenager was it’s okay to cry when bearing testimony and happily sharing what you believe. She was an amazing example. Thanks for sharing her all those years ago. Hopefully one of these Ca visits I can reconnect with all the wonderful women I had in my life growing up. You are definitely one of them Margaret!

  4. I checked out the website….Congrats! I felt so honored reading your name. You are so enjoyable to read, its no wonder they choose you! Awesome!

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