Lost and Found


Wow. Paul and I were up until midnight watching the series finale of Lost. It’s not a show. It’s a phenomenon. And like every episode before it, it left me thinking, “What??!!” But in an odd way, it was a satisfying ending–everyone who should be together found each other, love replaced hate, and gratefulness replaced greed. It was great. And now it’s over! Yes! After six long seasons of monopolizing my Tuesday nights, it is over! No more cliff hangers leaving me in an anxious lurch for 6-12 weeks. It’s finally finished. Sigh…I am at peace.

Why do I let TV shows do this to me? Rile me up like they’re real? Just after Kate was born, Paul came into the hospital shaking a big bag from Blockbuster at the foot of my electronic bed. “I got the entire second season of 24!! Let’s watch them on my laptop while you recover!” Now, all you mothers know how psychologically unstable you are for those first few days with a newborn. (Okay, more like weeks…okay months…alright–you’re never the same again.) But those first few days always find me in a fretful, blubbering state. So why did I think 24 hours of 24 would soothe my tattered nerves?! It was like watching a train wreck. My heart was racing like a rabbit and I wanted to go into hiding with my precious new babe, but I couldn’t look away! I thought things no new mother should be thinking: “For crap’s sake, Jack Bauer, just pull the trigger!!”

I was happy when those 24 hours were over.

So school lets out soon, and with it will go the cable. We canceled the cable last summer too and loved it. I don’t want our long, lazy summer nights to be punctuated by alien clones taking over New York City or morbid crime investigations. I don’t want the siren’s song of cartoon theme music calling the kids in from off the trampoline. And I don’t care how funny Dr. Doofenshmirtz is–the Disney Channel can take a break. I want the kids to make up their own theme music, devise their own plots and schemes and feel the rush that comes with stepping out onto their own stage under our apricot tree. That’s what summers are for. No reruns. Just running around.

Of course, I’m not above seeking shade and winding down to a little Star Wars now and then. That’s when I get my best cuddles from Luke.

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  1. Ok did Paul tell you that the Lost finale left Ben in TEARS! We were both a little shocked, but even more so, when I came down stairs to find him watching it again, the next day, with a tear in his eye! We don’t know if he’s just stressed, if his sugars are all over the place, if he’s on his “man period”, or if it’s a combination of all, because he doesn’t usually get so emotional (thats my department). Needless to say, we are glad it’s come to an end as well. It was a great ride!

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