Mother’s Day Report


This just in….

Yesterday morning at approximately 7:03am, a wide eyed husband, three anxious kids and one loud baby allegedly pounced on a california king bed in a small town somewhere in the mountains. The mother was still asleep inside the bed.

Authorities say there were roses, toast, scrambled eggs and a sliced banana shaped into a heart atop a tray given to the mother. According to a source close to the family, the eldest daughter (6) handed her mother one dozen homemade drawings and a handcrafted beaded necklace. The oldest son (8) is said to have given her coupons good for favors and extra chores and a card featuring him holding a large bouquet–something called “a forever bouquet.” Authorities just released the following pictures as evidence:

Exhibit A: The Forever Bouquet

Exhibit B: Wow Mom

Exhibit C: Daughter and Mother

Exhibit D: Coupon of Love

Exhibit E: Handmade Necklace

Exhibit F: Smiling children

Police suspect there were chocolates involved too, as all were spotted with brown smudges on their mouths as they fled the scene. As of now, there are no reports of chocolate smudges on the mother’s lips, just on her cheeks.

The family was seen walking to church later that morning. According to witnesses, the husband must have been the one to ready the children.

That afternoon, neighbors reported they could hear the sounds of young children in the backyard masquerading as waiters and restaurateurs. They allegedly served both the husband and wife applesauce, toast and something called “Sweet D’Lay Pudding” on the back patio. The pudding is believed to be an original concoction of the children in question. The recipe is still under investigation.

Phone records show two calls made from the family’s home yesterday: one to each of the grandmas. The transcripts of these conversations have not yet been made public.

Close friends say they doubt the mother will press charges for the alleged early morning fuss. When reporters asked how she survived the day, this mother’s only comment was,

“It was the best Mother’s Day EVER!”


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