Taste the Rainbow


Each week Paul takes one of the kids on a mid-week “date night.” Last night was Luke’s turn. He got to go golf shoe shopping at Sports Authority (every three year old’s dream) and swing by Wendy’s for a frostie. Somewhere during the course of the evening, Paul bought his 40 inch date his very own bag of Skittles.

He burst through the door and shook his unopened bag triumphantly in front of Andy and Kate.

“Lucky!!” they sang in a minor chord.

And even before the pouch was opened, the battle for the bag was on.

“Mom! Luke’s not sharing!” they cried whilst trying to pry the red sack from Luke’s tight, kung fu grip.

I waited for a moment before getting involved. Luke was in a rare position of power here. Andy and Kate usually rule the roost, but for the first time in a long time, Luke was the sole proprietor of a hot commodity. I wanted to see what he would do.

“Okay you guys. Scramble,” he decreed with a sly smile. “Scramble” is the game Paul plays when he has a stash of candy and wants to get the highest return possible for a minimal amount doled out. It goes like this: he lobs one piece of candy out into the room and shouts, “Scramble!” Then four kids simultaneously dive for the treat. Before someone can complain that they didn’t get it, he tosses out another one. “Quick, scramble!”

It’s great fun. But as Luke found out, it’s even greater fun being on the throwing end. I helped him open his package of candy shelled high fructose corn syrup and sat back and watched. He stood on the couch like lord of the playroom and pitched the pellets with authority, precision, and zeal. “Scramble!!”

Soon the bag was empty. Dean was leaking artificial red, sugary drool all over his new pajamas. Andy and Kate were pleased as punch they got their little brother to relinquish so many Skittles. And Luke? Well…he basked in the glow from his 8 minutes of pure power for quite a while…

And then it was time to brush teeth.

(FYI, Paul did buy a fetching new pair of golf shoes in black. “Which do you like better Luke? The white or the black?”

“The black ones.”


“Because their awesome.”)


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