They say what goes around comes around, especially when it comes to raising children. Whatever grief you gave your parents, you can expect it to come whipping around right back at you. That’s why grandparents always seem to smile and glow. They are finally seeing their irrational two year old of yesteryear getting their just deserts.

When I was in elementary school, Ricky Raindrop made his rounds around the classrooms, teaching the children about water conservation and helping the environment. That was all fine and good, but I became obsessed. I turned into a self righteous, insufferable 8 year old who turned off everybody’s water and preached the devastating effects of drought to all who would listen.

Andy has decided to take up my recyclable baton. He goes around the house turning off lights even when people are still in the room. This morning when I took the kids to school, we had a few extra minutes and it was raining, so I let the kids sit in the car and listen to the exciting conclusion of the “A to Z Mystery” audio book we had been following. Andy became frantic that I was letting the car idle for minutes on end, polluting the air for no good reason.

When I set the faucet at a trickle so I can rub some water on his untamed mane, he keeps shutting it off in between applications. Yesterday he gave me a lecture for not recycling a glass jar I had tossed in the trash until I finally told him to go read the “no glass” sign on top of our city recyclables trash can. I find myself rolling my eyes so often, I fear they’ll get stuck that way. I don’t want to stomp on his good intentions, but it’s driving me crazy.

I can hear my parents chortling from here, 600 miles away. I’m finally getting my comeuppance.


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  1. I read this post while at the Dog Park this AM. I was LOL. The most memorable Ricky Raindrop moment for me was when Nicky arrived from New Zealand. Her first morning in America-as she was rooming with you-you kept rushing over to turn off the water spigot. You acted like we were rationing her water consumption! Welcome to America! Oh, and I almost walked off the Dog Park cliff yesterday, reading my IPhone. My neighbor Margaret told me that she would have put Maddi back in the house and no one would know I was missing-but if I was conscience, at least I would have my cell phone!

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