Kindergarten Presentation


It’s enough to make you want to have more kids.  I love, love, love kindergarten presentations. The songs, the hand actions, your kindergartner waving wildly in your direction from onstage. It’s enough to make me cry right now.

The word kindergarten literally means, “children’s garden.” It’s such a magical time–too young to be embarrassed by little performances like these, but too old to need help on the swings. I get six more weeks of having a kindergartner at my house, then it’s off to first grade: the land of individual desks and spelling tests. Well, at least I’ll have Luke and Dean’s kindergarten presentations to look forward to. What do parents do when it comes down to their youngest?

Well, here are some pictures from the big day. (FYI, I finally charged my camera and included a picture of our blooming tree in my post, “My Rocker and Me.” Click here.) I must say, I felt like Bugs Bunny, stepping over a dozen parents just to get a clear shot, “Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me….” I think I even made it into several home movies. But here’s the shot. She’s on the top row, wearing the turquoise shirt.

Here’s another of Kate and one with her cousin, Lennox. (She’ll be in Kindergarten next year.)

I guess it’s my job to keep this children’s garden alive and well right here at home. Us gardeners never retire.

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