In the Media


Here’s what we’ve been reading/watching/listening to lately:

I just saw “The Young Victoria” last night for the first time. (It’s at the Redbox.) Sigh…I loved it. Go check it out right now….sigh…

I’m in the middle of reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver. I love her fiction but this is non-fiction. It’s about her family’s quest to eat only foods grown in their own backyard (or a neighbor’s yard or a local farmer’s market) for a full year. Her writing style keeps me turning the pages, even if I do at times mutter under my breath, “ya, big words for someone with only two girls–one of which is full grown. Try feeding boys. Try feeding a toddler without bananas flown directly from Ecuador year round. And what about all those hard working Ecuadorians who depend on my finicky toddlers’ eating habits for their livelihood? What about them, huh?” Of course, you could argue these are all excuses. Click here to find your local farmer’s market.

And what are we listening to these days? Kate. Kate has been putting on nightly air guitar performances with the help of our favorite Disney Princesses CD. First, she makes a list of who is invited. Then she cuts out tickets. When you show up in the living room with ticket in hand, she asks for your name and proceeds to make sure you’re “on the list.”

“Hmmmm, let’s see…..oh, there you are. Mom. Check. You can go in.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Once everyone is seated, she makes her grand entrance in full costume, cues up the music, and steps up onto the coffee table. She has a wide repertoire. She’s come out as Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Mulan. (Yes, we have quite the dress up box.) And as much as I loathe all that tulle and spangled polyester littering the house day in and day out, I will truly be sad when she outgrows these dresses. Because then that will mean real dress up clothes and that will mean boys and…and…I can’t think about that now.

Right now I have a blonde Indian Princess who wants to perform, “Just Around the River Bend” on top of the coffee table for me. The cutest part is, after her number, she lingers around like a real Disney Princess so we can meet her, shake her hand, get an autograph or take a picture with her. All without breaking character.

She knows how to work the media.


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  1. well, margaret – i remember well going to see you in ANNIE! AND of course kate’s gma is GLENNA – need i say more – kate comes by the theatrics naturally! SO CUTE!
    (you are a good mom!)

    love, m

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