I know we were only gone for 5 days, but things seem to grow the most when you’re not looking. All of the kids are at least an inch taller.

Dean learned a dozen new phrases last week too. Yesterday, when I was trying to hustle Luke and Dean into the car to run errands, I had the audacity to turn off “Dora the Explorer” mid-episode. Dean calmly said, “Pause it!” All my kids have practically the same voice, so I thought it was Luke at first. But it was Dean! My 20 month old–already DVR savvy.

Also, my spring vegetables sprouted in the garden while we were “abroad.” I forgot to label them, so only time will tell which are the radishes and which are the carrots. (Who even likes radishes anyways? But I was lured in with the promise of quick and easy results. Hey, do you remember the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle story where she recommends smearing radish seeds on dirty children who refuse to bathe? Ya, that’s how fast they grow.)

Oh, and all my little styrofoam cups? I planted sunflower seeds in them to give them a head start for summer. Their sun worshiping heads finally peaked through. A gardening guru gave me this great idea of planting a sunflower tepee in the garden for the kids. Now, doesn’t that just sound magical?

The other thing that grew while we were away was yours truly. I just got off the scale. Ugh. Maybe the all-inclusive route isn’t the way to go after all. I thought I would’ve burned off all of those buffet brunches, what with all of the snorkeling and salsa dancing we did. Well, I guess it’s back to packing PB&Js.

Or… I could start a new radish diet. It would be all the rage abroad.

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