Que Les Vaya Bien


Ah, we’re back. Home sweet home. After 5 days of traipsing around the Yucatan, we tip toed into our own beds last night around 2am after kissing our sleeping babes. This morning all four of them pounced on our exhausted bodies, smothered us with hugs and loves and demanded to know where their souvenirs were stashed. Oh, it’s good to be home.

A few pics:

We repelled into that cenote to swim amid the bats

We repelled into that cenote to swim amid the bats

Paul and I at the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico

Paul after summiting Yucatan's tallest Mayan ruin in Coba

More at Tulum

Our first day there, we were both so excited to lounge on hammocks and read without distraction, we headed straight for the sand with our complimentary virgin daiquiris in hand and plopped ourselves between two palm trees, resolute to never get up again. Paul lasted for about 30 minutes.

“What do we do now?”

That afternoon, we found ourselves sitting across from Edgar, the concierge, making arrangements for a few “excursions.” I’m glad we did.

The very next day we were zip lining through the jungle, repelling into underground fresh water systems called cenotes so we could swim while bats zoomed past our heads. We paddled canoes and climbed the tallest pyramid in the peninsula.

The day after that we rented a car and took off down the coast, just the two of us. We had heard there were sea turtles in a lagoon in Akumal and the rumors were true. We snorkeled with giant see turtles the size of our coffee table and saw fish that looked like Arizona sunsets. Paul even hung on to one of the turtle’s backs for a short ride. Body surfin’ with Crush.

Then we motored on down to Tulum–the Mayan city built on cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea. If there is one thing the ancient Mayans understood, it’s location, location, location. Our biggest laugh on that trip was when Paul nagged me to find the city “RETORNO” on the map. He kept seeing it in big capital letters on every other sign. “Hey, Navigator. Where’s Retorno? Find Retorno!”

“Retorno” means “return” or a place to make a U-turn in Spanish.

Our resort was an “all-inclusive,” which means it was like a big cruise ship on land. All meals, snacks, and drinks, (including 24 hour room service,) were included in the cost. What a difference from when we honeymooned in Cancun 10 years ago. Back then, we had decided food was not an essential and we wanted to use our money for fun, fun, fun. So that meant our food stuffs consisted of a loaf of bread, a tub of peanut butter and a jar of jam. Ever since then, that’s been our M.O. for anyplace where food is overpriced. (Disneyland, zoos, etc…) But I’ll tell you, those six dollar churros start to look pretty dang reasonable after 3 or 4 days of trudging through parks.

So we decided that if and when we vacation with our kids, the all-inclusive is the way to go. We could finally act like the most generous parents in the world on holiday! No more PB&Js. Do you want a shirley temple from the swim-up bar, honey? Sure! Room service at 10pm? Why not? Hungry again an hour after breakfast? You poor thing. How about a second breakfast?  And don’t forget elevensies! It was absolutely fabulous to not eat one single PB&J on this trip.

So now that I’m well fed, tanned and rested, it’s time to tackle the laundry, catch up on emails and make a trip to Costco. That is, or course, after I snuggle with these kids some more and we read a few stories. I can’t get enough of these cutie pies.

Retorno a mi.


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  1. Looks like a great trip! All-inclusive sounds dreamy…I can just hear myself saying, “yes, I would love another pina colada/daiquiri/diet coke/.” Doesn’t it just roll of the tongue?

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