Movie Madness


Why do I take one year olds to movies? Why? Why?

Yesterday the kids wanted to spend their allowance on tickets to go see “How to Train Your Dragon.” It was, actually, a really cute movie. Every time I go to another computer animated flick, I walk out either thinking, “Ya, I’ll buy that when it comes to DVD,” (think “Kung Fu Panda”) or, “Once was enough for me.” (Sorry Shrek 3.) This was a, “Ya, I think I could buy that” kind of show.

Anyways, all I can say for Dean is, “I’m glad his ticket was free.”

I had it all planned around his nap time. We would take the stroller, the theater would be nice and dark, I had his “mimi” (that’s “blankie” talk in these here parts) and an emergency stash of gummy bears. What could possibly go wrong?

On our way to the show, I made a couple of wrong turns. That tacked on 5 extra minutes in the drowsy-mobile, and what do you know? Dean fell asleep as we approached the parking garage. Doh!! Dean can do many things, but he does not transfer well. If moved, he invariably wakes up and the sleeping spell is broken. Game
over. Feel free to try again at 8pm.

So with nothing but his mimi, some gummy bears and a liter of Fresca, I braved the theater with my wide awake bambino and crew. 30 minutes later the gummy bears ran out. Onto the Fresca. If there had been a wet t-shirt contest, Dean and I would have tied for first. He took a couple of swigs of the citrus soda and then threw the bottle back to me, cap off, upside down and icy cold. Glug, glug, glug. Hah!

I wanted to get up and leave, but then I looked down the row and saw three entranced faces etched in the blue light, laughing their heads off. They were oblivious to our little side show. They were loving every minute of movie magic their modest allowance had bought them. We stayed.

The funniest part is, 20 hours later, while writing this post, I’m still wearing the same shirt!

Oh, I need a long, hot shower. Sigh…

“Hey, do you guys want to watch ‘Kung Fu Panda’ again?”


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