Yesterday, as part of our spring break “stay-cation,” we went to our local zoo for the first time. After galivanting across endless acres of zoo in San Diego, I wasn’t sure if this smaller zoo would be a let down. It wasn’t. I actually prefer a zoo you can do in just three hours. Let’s face it, longer than that and you got trouble. And that starts with ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for “Plumb-tuckered-out.” With young kids, a smaller zoo is the way to go.

It was not crowed and there was lots to see. Rhinos, African elephants (including a baby elephant…aaaawwwwe,) giraffes, bats, bald eagles, cougars, gorillas and penguins were just some of our favorite stops. Andy tried his hand at communicating with the various creatures, but the majority of them were either asleep, behind glass, or too busy eating to pay him any heed. Better luck next time, my animal whisperer.

They rode the carousel, played on the playground, and made one extra visit to “the cave of wonders” where they keep all the animal who live in perpetual darkness (think bats, bugs and fish with no eyes–no kidding, no eyes!) My favorite parts? 1.) Watching Andy take hold of the map like Ferdinand Magellan, telling us exactly where to go next. “Everybody! Follow me!” 2.) Luke’s fascination with Rhinos. (“They’re not rhinoceroses mom, they’re rhinos!”) He even chose to ride the rhino on the carousel. In fact, right now he is waving a rhino-shaped cookie cutter in front of me, begging to make rhino cookies today. Okay, cookies it is…just don’t charge. 3.) Kate’s homemade list of animals she wanted to see, which she pulled out of her pocket and checked off after each exhibit. “Mnkees! Check!” and 4.) Dean’s waddle, waddle around the duck pond board walk. That, and his sticky marshmallowed hands and face–a byproduct of his purchased silence in the stroller.

How can we top a day like that? Today we are going to a local chocolate factory for a tour.

Umpa, umpa, dupidee dee, I hope they pass out samples for free.


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  1. despite the fact that we go to utah every summer, I haven’t ever taken my kids to the Hogle Zoo. I hear it’s better these days, but i’ve always hated the sight of all those animals in their teeny enclosures.

    what chocolate factory are you going to?

  2. Oh no, that is how my last experience was with the beloved movie theater. But somehow, I seem to think 3 months is enough time to try again. I am taking my kids to see that movie in a couple of days. Wish me luck!

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