Earth Shaking


Last night, when the phone rang, I answered it anticipating a ritual Sunday night visit with my parents. They opened the conversation with,

“Not to worry, we’re okay.”

“Okay about what?” I ignorantly replied.

“We were just in a 7.2 earthquake down in Mexico.”


Here I was, tossing out the last of the Easter candy while the kid’s backs were turned, while my parents were in mortal peril! I was just going about my own little life, when my flesh and blood were facing real danger.

Thankfully, they are okay. Home, safe and sound, warm in their own beds. But it made me reflect on just how oblivious I am to most of the hardships and heartache in this world. My focus is on my own little microcosm of a world. But really, aren’t we all in this together?

In the spirit of the Easter season, I’ve resolved to become more aware, more conscientious, more present. I want my father’s favorite sentence to be in the forefront of my mind, “How can I make your life easier?”

I realize, my volunteer options seem limited with small kids in tow, but I know there are things I can be doing now to help my fellow man, woman, and child. Even if the first step is just praying for them, I need to approach that with more sincerity. What are some of the ways you give back?

I know these realizations aren’t earth shattering, but it did take the earth shaking to remind me.


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