Hostess with the Mostess


The dinner party guests just left. The dishwasher is humming and the kids are finally in bed. I once read a parenting book that suggested mommies host lots of of parties and dinner groups as a way to teach children how to be good hosts and to let them see you be busy all day on something that doesn’t revolve around them. Unfortunately, I think the only thing my kids thought was, “why are you so grumpy?”

Knowing the doorbell is going to ring with lovely, polished guests somehow puts all of our whoops-a-daisies into a bit of a pressure cooker. (Metaphorically speaking–you know I’m in love with my pressure cooker.) Why am I so grumpy? Hmmmm, is that because you took Dean’s diaper off and as a result he peed and poohed all over the floor an hour before my guests arrived? Could it be that I just discovered the cord to the main dish’s crockpot mysteriously became unplugged, and who knows how long ago? Or is it the fact that you keep getting out snack after snack when I have hissed in no uncertain terms that the kitchen is CLOSED? I don’t know, you tell me. Why am I so grumpy??!

But of course, when the guests arrived, the bathroom shined with disinfectant, the kids skidattled down to the basement and I graciously opened the door with a fresh coat of lip gloss on. Sigh. And really, truly, the dinner party was a ton of fun. I like playing the hostess. I like choosing the theme, the menu…I even like shopping for it. It’s the four hours right before the party….

Whoever is doing April’s dinner party, I volunteer to babysit the afternoon of. Really, it’s no problem. When I don’t have to make dinner and the couch cushions don’t have to stay on the couches, our house is loads of fun.

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