Journal Time


Andy brought home his class journal this weekend. He’s in the 2nd grade. I’ve kept all original spellings and sentence structures and included the dates when given. Here are a few of my favorite entries:

Prompt: Snowed in

“If I were snowed in, then I would get a fuse and explode the snow. Or I would stay in and watch T.V. Getting snowed in is great because you have no school! And you have hot cocoa. And play with toys.”

Prompt: What do you like about yourself?

“I like myself because I am smart. I also can talk to animals. I like myself because I can read and spell. I am glad I am me. It is cool being me. And I’m sure it’s cool being you.”

Prompt: Life on a spaceship (2/2/2010)

“Life on a space ship would be good and bad. 1.) You have no school. And 2.) If you did it would be with aliens! I don’t and do want to stay here. No aliens. No rocket.”

Prompt: Compliments for my family (2/4/2010)

“My family is nice. My brother has cool things. (There is a picture of Luke holding a light saber.) My sister is helpful. My little brother is cute. My mom and dad are fun. I love my family.”

Prompt: Building things (2/9/2010)

“I want to build a trojan horse. It will be cool. It will be huge. It will have fighting gear. I will paint it. It will be black with red eyes.”

Prompt: March

“March is fun. It’s almost spring. The butter cups bloom. Popcorn pops on the apricot tree. And we plant gardens. And birds sing.”

Prompt: Signs of spring (3/15/2010)

“There are flowers and birds. And there is rain. And it’s hot. And there is day like savings. And trees blosom. Spring is fun.”

Prompt: Weekend fun (3/19/2010)

“I want to buy a sword. I want my cousins over. I want to have a party. I have to clean up. I want fun fun fun. Have fun!”

Prompt: Quiet things (3/18/2010)

“Quiet things are snow flakes falling. And wolves stauking there prey. Peace and quiet after a long day. Grass swaying in the breaze. A bear in hibernation. Quiet is good.”

I think we may have another writer in the family.


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