Spring Training


After a woeful amount of “zone duty,” (the kids are assigned zones of the house to clean on Saturday mornings,) we flipped the seats down in the van, loaded up the bikes and basketballs and headed to a nearby school with a large blacktop to practice our moves. First up, bike training.

Now, Kate can ride just fine. Until it’s time to stop. In the beginning, her method of stopping was to fling her leg over the bar and abandon ship. The heavy bike would, more often than not, fall on top of her. When I tried to explain that this was not the best approach, she argued that it was just instinctive. There was nothing she could do. I felt like Dr. Phil, “Well, how’s that working for ya!?”

After 30 minutes, we were both plenty frustrated and wanted to give up for the day, but Paul said, “We don’t end on tears. Do it again.” So after many tears and a few calming breaths, she finally did it. She did it again, and again. She learned how to slow down and stop while keeping the bike erect. She was finally in control!

While Kate made progress on the bike, Paul ran a small basketball clinic with the boys with cones and everything. They worked on their dribbling, ball handling and lay-ups. Even the cousins came to join us. Cousins make everything more fun.

Once our fingers were numb and Dean’s diaper was sagging so low we all saw two moons that evening, we called it a day.  Home to a hot dinner followed by a movie and Easter candy.

This morning Paul asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was. Can you guess?

The Easter candy.

(“…get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy…)

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