Tying the Knot


Kate learned how to tie her shoes this morning!

We’ve been over the whole, “the bunny hops around the tree and into the hole…” a dozen times with no success. We’re usually so rushed in the mornings, I just go ahead and tie them with a double knot and hope they don’t come loose at school. When I had to buy her new sneakers last week, I debated the virtues of velcro for a good long while in the shoe department of Wal-mart. It would be so much easier! She could put on her own shoes lickety split. But no. Tying laces is right up there with riding a bike and driving a stick shift. The skill must be conquered.

So this morning we bypassed the bunny metaphor and went straight to logistics.

“Hold the loop with your right hand. Good. Hold it close to the shoe. Now with your left hand, take the other lace around the back….tuck it into your thumb. Pull tight.”

“I did it!!”

Instead of a conventional high five, she high fived me with her perfectly tied shoe.

After that, the double knot was a piece of cake. She glowed with the pride of a new skill mastered.

Last night Andy stumbled into my room at 11pm with a big red mark on his forehead from his head lamp, and a grin on his face.

“I just finished the second Percy Jackson book!! It was great!” I was so happy for my book worm, but so tired, I didn’t give the moment the hoopla it deserved.

So in addition to the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, I’m going to create a Tied Shoes Fairy and a Chapter Book Fairy. The Shoe Fairy will leave a treat inside impeccably tied shoes left out for her, and the Book Fairy will leave licorice book marks and fresh batteries for our hero’s headlamp on his night stand. They’re running low.

I’m hoping we’ll need a “Tied Tie Fairy” by Sunday. If Paul gets involved, Andy could be visited by the ever rare “Windsor Knot Fairy.” She makes pancakes for breakfast.


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