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Here’s the update from my jeans query: I still have not purchased a thing. (It was a busy weekend and the kids are out of school today–one of those teacher training days.) However, I recieved some great leads:

1.) Joes Jeans. Very hip and now and not too low.

For a deal, search your nearest Loehman’s.

2.) Go to buckle (prepare to open your wallet nice and wide) and look for BKE Star or Big Star. Buy a size smaller than you’d think. Buckle can get overwhelming with all the styles and cuts. My sister-in-law’s tactic is to find the hippest looking salesperson and say, “You. Here are my needs. Bring me what you think will make me look fabulous. I’ll be in the dressing room.” Now, why didn’t I think of that? All this time I’ve been shying away from the staff, afraid of a pressure sale. But she leverages the staff.

3.) Now this site really cracks me up. http://www.nydj.com/ That stands for “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.” Brilliant. They are at Macy’s and Nordy’s. Again, go down a size. My own mother owns two pairs and says they live up to their hype. (Ok, so she didn’t use the word “hype.” Who’s mother does?)

I’ll be making a pilgrimage to the mall as soon as I can get away.

Now, let’s talk faces. I know most of you have that classic “peaches and cream” skin tone and clarity. But for those of you who must deal with imperfections, here are my latest finds:

I have given up on Proactiv. Sionara. It served my well for many a year, but lately I’ve decided it was aging me way too fast. It’s one thing at age 20. It’s another at 32. The regime is so focused on killing bacteria and drying you out, my skin was starting to look like a weathered cowboy’s. That’s all fine and dandy for Daniel Craig, but not for me. All the moisturizer in the world was not solving my problem. So I kicked the culprit.

I have found, and am in love with two products. Click the following for a closer look: Clinique Even Better Clinical and ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer. My skin has never felt better. The Clinique stuff is pricey, but worth it. The ROC products are at Costco for a great deal. I got both the Day and Night versions of the ROC lotion (the daytime has SPF 20, imperative when using retinol.) I cleanse, tone, then use clinique even better clinical, followed by ROC moisturizer. They said give it four weeks, and at just ten days, I’ve noticed a big difference. No more breakouts and my skin feels softer than ever.

TMI? Maybe. But you were all so good to me in my quest for fab jeans, I just had to share.

My next mission: swim suits. Because amazing jeans and supple skin just isn’t enough anymore…

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  1. Good morning Margaret! Like your mom, I am a fan of NYDJ also – they are 100$ at Nordstrom and elsewhere – but at Nordstrom Rack -$39.00!!! – they say get a size smaller in these also.
    I did get your recommendation last fall at Costco – Lilac Jeans – but a “friend” said the pockets were too low on my butt – so being a bit nervous about it – I had John pry out the rivits (a lot of work) and then I picked out the stitching – (also a lot of work) – intending to move them up – only to find out that there is a darker looking pocket “print” under the pocket and the plan didn’t work – they are so comfy tho that I just wear a really long shirt over them…

  2. Thanks for the hot tips. I will be referencing this post when it comes time for my post baby jeans purchase. Although, I have decided that here in DE I might possibly be the only one who appreciates a nice pair of jeans.

  3. Seriously…needing some good advice on the jeans and skin care! I have a pair of big star and serioulsy wear them too many days in a row because I love them and also because they aren’t cheap…I am getting my use! Now onto skin care! What happened?! This year I am noticing more freackles! What? I wear sunscreen! So I need a lightening cream or something?? Anyways~thanks for the beauty tips. Please share the swim suit….is there one out there that will lift my butt and hide the cellulite on my thighs? They could name it…no need for plastic surgery swim suit.

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