Repeat After Me


“Say, ‘Andy.'”


“Say, ‘is.'”


“Say, ‘cool.'”


That’s when both Andy and Dean erupt into giggles and Kate shouts, “My turn!”

I love this stage. Dean loves repeating whatever we say and we can get him to say just about anything if we break it down slowly.

“Mom…is…pretty. Now you say it.”

He gets so much love and attention with this call and repeat monkey business, it’s hard to stop.

“For the last time, get buckled!” I holler to the van’s back row.

“Buckle!” Dean echoes back from his car seat.

“Brush your teeth!”

“Teeth,” he repeats, pointing to his own chompers.

“Who wants a snack?”


However, like all powers, his eagerness to repeat can be used for good and evil.

“Dean! Say, ‘Kate has a crush on…”

“Andy! Knock it off!”

But his favorite new phrase from Luke is, “Watch this!!”

Whenever he’s about to do a trick, he makes sure he has an audience.

“Mom! Wha this!” he yelps before a somersault.

Yesterday I taught him to say, “Ta-dah!”

Now we got an act we can take on the road. By ‘road,’ I mean grandma’s house.

“Dean. Say, “I love you Nana.”


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