Good Jeans


“There are two things you just open your wallet for: the perfect bathing suit and the perfect pair of jeans.” Those are my mother’s pearls of wisdom. Since bathing suits are a whole other post on their own, let’s talk about jeans.

I ask so little. I want them to be slimming, but not too tight. I want a touch of stretch, but I don’t want them falling off of me by mid morning. I need a dark rinse, as my pants tend to double as an over-sized napkin for my tots. Oh, and not too low. How on earth did this ultra-low-rise craze get so out of control? I just need them to come up high enough to cover what I like to call “my pizza dough” but low enough to not be labeled “mom jeans.” Long enough to wear heels, but not so long I trip over them on my way to my shoe rack. Distressed, but not too distressed. Glamorous, but not bedazzled. Good pocket placement…and above all, I want my husband to say, “mmm, HMMM!” when I walk by. All for under $100. Is that too much to ask?

Right now I have a pair in “the size” that just barely fit. That is, if I don’t ever wash them. It’s getting gross. So you see my dilemma. It’s time for a new pair. Where are you all buying jeans? I really wanna know. If I’m gonna lug a stroller bound entourage with me into the dressing room, I want to know exactly what I’m looking for. Where do population replenishing people shop when they are out of the panel front stage?

I wish there were a Good Jeans Fairy out there. Maybe if I start crying in the dressing room, she’ll appear. But I don’t know how she’s going to hear me over the cries and shouts of the two little boys strapped in the stroller in there with me.

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  1. i have 1 pair of jeans from Buckle that I love. a little pricey but I feel has the mmm, HMMM factor you speak of. well, for brad anyway!!! i can’t imagine you looking bad in a pair of jeans ; )

  2. I just bought two pair (TWO!!) at loehmann’s. there is a new store in costa mesa and it is huge. maybe you need a road trip?
    Both were Joe’s Jeans. $80– I love a good deal.
    “Muse” is the 1st style name… they call them “high waisted”, but they don’t feel or look high to me. they are perfect and I can sit down in them without hanging out all over the place.
    The others were “cigarette”. A skinny jean.
    Both have stretch. Hope this helps??

    • thank you! I’ll check them out. I hope they still have them when we visit this summer and I can use my Loehman’s birthday discount too. Or I may just order online…hard to wait.

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