Hall of Famers


Just a few funny things out of the mouths of my babes:

The other day I was trying to entertain Dean and Luke by making tiny paper airplanes out of gum wrappers. When my prototype flopped, Luke suggested, “Maybe it’s out of batteries.”

Kate has very straight hair. She loves to wear pink sponge rollers to bed. One day, when she was helping my mother give her black standard poodle a bath, she asked, “But Nana, how are we going to put the curls back in?”

Andy just finished his first real chapter novel (i.e., no pictures), “The Lightning Thief.” It was a very big deal and Paul and I fussed. We promised to take him out to dinner and then to see the movie. He became so pleased with himself he confided, “If I read the whole series, I’ll probably be the first 8 year old ever to do it and then I’ll be world famous!”

“Um, I don’t know about ‘world famous.’ I’m sure there are other 8 year olds somewhere in the world who have read the books,” I offered.

“Okay, then just famous in the state. I’ll probably be in the newspaper!”


“Alright, just our family then! I’ll be the first 8 year old in our family to do it!”

No doubt, someday he will enjoy his day in the sun. Perhaps even be featured in the paper. Maybe someday, when PBS does a documentary about his life, they’ll quote from this blog and then…hmmm….

Maybe I’ll be world famous too!


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