My, how the tables have turned. I used to have to unmercifully flick on the bedroom lights and sing my alma mater’s fight song in attempts to rouse the troops out of their warm, snug beds. “Let’s go! Let’s go! We got school today!!” If only I had had a bugle… I used to have to prod my kids down the hall, waving tooth brushes and combs over my head chanting, “Quick, quick, we’re gonna be late!”

But now that the sun is rising earlier and earlier, the kids are in utter disbelief that we are not late yet.

They don’t wear watches, so when they wake up to full sunlight, they go into panic mode. They scramble out of bed muttering “We haven’t even had breakfast yet!” or “Mom, where are my shoes!!” I assure them there is plenty of time, but my assertions fall on deaf ears. They just can’t wrap their minds around the fact that the sun is high in the sky, so why on earth am I taking my sweet time pulling together the perfect pig tails?! For kids who act like vampires at first light, they sure do hate to be late.

This morning they were literally hopping up and down next to the van, hair done, teeth brushed, backpacks on, demanding we leave immediately. They looked like little white rabbits with pocket watches. “We’re gonna be late!!!”

We sat in the car outside of the school for 10 minutes waiting for the other children to show. Tic….tic….tic….We were that early.

But I love bright mornings and lingering sunsets. The day just feels less rushed. I don’t have to wake up at o’dark:30 anymore. There are no more icicles on our basketball hoop. We can play in the backyard after dinner again.

Spring is on it’s way….Oh, please don’t be late!


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  1. you went to BYU didn’t you? singing that fight song to wake up kids sounds like something my SIL would do. She tried to teach it to my kids a few years ago.

  2. Seriously! Kids are so funny about things like that. And the only time I have used odark:30 was to describe early morning seminary. Because that really was way too early!!

  3. Oh yes ! There is nothing like 60 degrees in the middle of a week when it is snowing at the beginning and again at the end !
    That is Spring in Utah !

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