The Music Man


Paul discovered my old favorite radio station I listened to back in high school, KISS FM, while blazing down Sunset Blvd in his compact economy rental car, windows down. Right now he is nestled on the couch, lap top on lap, playing DJ on i-tunes, and saying things like, “listen to this great song, honey!” Everything he is playing is on the Billboard top 40 list, and every song is new to us.

We have become totally “out” when it comes to pop music. We used to be in. I remember making the ultimate mixed tapes in college and requesting songs at school dances. I remember when Cindy Crawford got her own gig on MTV. Now the only rock stars I can name either have their own show on the Disney Channel or were in American Idol’s top 12.

When I questioned how “kid appropriate” some of these new hit songs were, Paul pulled up their chipmunk equivalents on YouTube. Click here for a good laugh. Somehow, everything turns hilarious when you kick it up two octaves.

But I don’t mind being behind the times when it comes to rock. Classic rock never dies. And it seems pop stars today are just scandalous time bombs waiting to implode, and I certainly don’t want my daughter idolizing them in the mean time. Right now I’m just hoping Selena Gomez has the wherewithal to resist the Hollywood pressure to “become a woman.” (Cough, Vanessa Hugdens, cough cough.) Come on, Selena, we’re all rooting for you.

I just picked up “Charlotte’s Web” audio book from the library the other day. I’d much rather pass the hours in the minivan with that over this Kei$ha girl any day. Who spells their name with a dollar sign anyways?

This is Mar$gare$. Gotz to giz-o. Out.

(Ya, I’ll never be cool again.)


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  1. Again, I relate way too much to you and your posts.
    My kids love DJ Dad at our house. He plays all our “old” music to them and they dance and run around the house like it’s new music. They’ll wise up soon enough.

  2. Until my daughter was older (I think it was at high school) and all of her friends were talking about different groups that they liked she didn’t realize all she had missed…she was always listening to the disney movie sound tracks while growing up !! (She knows them all now…)

  3. The sad part comes when the younger kids start hearing what the older kids are listening to., and before you know it you’ve got a mouthy 4 year old singing All the Single Ladies…

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