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Last night, after the little boys had drifted off and it was just me and Andy and Kate, they showed me their loose teeth. They were trying to delay their final “lights out” and did they ever.

First Andy got out the tooth floss. “Will you tie this around my tooth, and then I’ll pull?” We gave it a go, but baby teeth are too slippery. Then out came the paper towel, the ultimate tool for baby tooth extraction traction. I gave it a firm tug, then Andy, then me, until finally……fzwuup! Got it!

“What will the tooth fairy bring me? (Wink, wink.)” Andy’s in the know, but that’s another post.

Well, Kate was not about to be out done and go to bed with nothing under her pillow. She tore that paper towel in half and got down to business. 20 minutes later, fzwuup!

Now, the funny thing is, both have lost their teeth between then and now. Andy went to rinse his off in the bathroom sink. It’s probably half way to the ocean by now. I think all the neighbors heard his, “nooooooooo!” Kate lost hers in her sea of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. Needle in a haystack.

“Maybe if we smile real big when we sleep, the tooth fairy will see that we lost teeth and reward us anyway!” I love believers.

Around 3am, I had to sooth a fretful, tired Luke. As I lay down next to him and Kate, she turned to face me, propped up on her fluffy white pillow and whispered, “I love my new smile!”

I love it too. And so does the Tooth Fairy.


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