All Patched Up


Boy Scout uniforms were designed by men. I’m sure of it. If a man were in charge of sewing those tiny patches onto hard-to-maneuver-in-the-sewing-machine sleeves, there would be another way.

Oh, sure, I could have gone the glue route. The stuff they sell in the BSA store. But the shirt already set me back 50 bucks, and when we move and join a new troop, I don’t want to have to get another shirt or be up to my knuckles in pungent Goo-gone.  Ripping a seam is a much better way to preserve the shirt. And yes, I said 50 bucks. If the BSA wasn’t such a noble organization and my husband not such a die hard scouter, I would use the word ‘extortion.’ But I won’t. I’ll just let Paul sew on Luke’s badges when it’s time.

My first attempt to affix the council badge and troop numbers failed miserably. Of course, the sleeve won’t fit onto the arm of my sewing machine, so those little guys kept moving around, no matter how much I pinned. Then I thought, “I’ll use a little Wonder Under left over from a different project.” But, my iron was too hot. The badges shriveled up like shrinky-dinks. One melted directly onto the iron. I had to buy a new iron. And new troop numbers.

So after two trips to the BSA store, a little help from my trusty hot glue gun, and 30 long minutes of soothing my sewing machine’s bad temper later, I got the council patch on pretty straight. Ta-dah! I centered it with a couple of dots from the glue gun I could peel off and sewed. The numbers were more tricky. Those teeny red things must be equally spaced, centered and sewn around all four sides each, for a total of 16 sides, without sewing the sleeve closed. My seam ripper was a true friend through it all.

If a woman were in charge of the shirt/patch design, I think she’d make a shirt with standard snaps on it. The shirt would have one half of the snap already sewn into each place and the patches would come with the other half of the snap. Then snap, snap, snap! Putting on these blasted patches would be a snap!

I can’t wait for Andy to sew on his own Sewing Merit Badge.


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  1. LOL, I have 3 boys and I now take mine to the dry cleaners to sew on….I gave up long ago! I hope you bought it big b/c they need 4 years in it before you go to the brown scouting one:)

    • Why didn’t I think of that!! Brilliant! Yes, we bought big. He’s swimming in it now, but I think he’ll be as tall as me in 4 years. I still can’t believe that. Soon I’ll be the shortest in the group at 5’9.

  2. Sorry about your iron and second trip to the BSA store. Snaps to your snaps idea…your a genius! I had all three kids gathered around me and the sewing machine while I sewed. It took SO much time with lots of hand stitching to get it all straight. At one point I wiped my brow, it was pretty intense sewing.

  3. after a year and a half of not sewing anything on nick’s boy scout uniform, stacey bartlett stopped by my house to pick up his shirt and sew on his patches. Seriously. I thanked her with caramels. Then when they made me webelos leader, I brought by my new scout shirt and a pile of patches, and another bag of caramels, and begged her sympathies again.

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