Just Keep Swimming


Andy had his second swim meet today. He did great. He bettered his times and came in second in all three of his races. Second is a relative term at this age, because no one gets DQed. (He would’ve won the 25 yard breast stroke if the kid next to him hadn’t started out with the freestyle for the first few strokes to put himself ahead…not that we’re the kind of parents to dwell on such ticky tac violations. Just have fun, right?)

Anyways, he’s a little amphibian, that one. He’s got frog legs and enough energy to power a stadium at night. And the best part is, he’s only going to get bigger and stronger from here.  Paul asked him, “So, do you want to be the next Michael Phelps?”

Andy’s timeless response, “No. I want to be the first Andy.”

Indeed he shall.

Kate and Luke are taking swimming lessons right now in preparation for summer fun. Kate loves it. She was made for the water. Luke cries for the first 3 minutes and makes excuses like, “I don’t like my teacher’s hair…he won’t let me get a towel after class…he doesn’t like Star Wars.” The teachers hair is fine, a dry towel awaits and I doubt this 17 year old swimming instructor is soured on Star Wars. When I’ve had enough, I whisper blatant threats in his ear and dunk his head under. He always comes up adjusted and swims fine after that. But that’s been our ritual the past couple of weeks–cry, dunk, swim.

Our other great swimmer is our resident gold fish, “Flippers.” Gold fish are usually fragile creatures you win at a fair or school carnival and die within hours. Or they are built like Flippers and cannot die. I’m starting to think he really is immortal.

We got Flippers because our beta fish Spongey didn’t survive the move. (FYI, transferring a beta fish in a 44 oz plastic cup and leaving him in the cup holder overnight when it’s 15 degrees outside is not the best way to transport your fish.) We bought Flippers for 25 cents from the feeder tank at Wal-mart the next week.

We fed him beta fish food because that’s what we had and he liked it. We bought more gold fish, fed them the same stuff, and they all died. We once left for a week and Flippers survived. Then we lost his food a month ago, and he has been living off of baby rice cereal and crushed Cheerios ever since. I keep forgetting to buy more fish food at the store, and he keeps on swimming! The slippery sea creature is darn near indestructible!

Maybe having him in the house is good swimming karma for the kids. Just keep swimming!


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  1. or maybe….fish food is poisonous! I’ll have to remember that when my kids are crying for a pet and we buy our 25cent gold fish. Those pet stores aren’t getting the best of me!

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