It’s only been half a day, but the bucks are working. By golly, they’re working!! Last night all three big kids stuck to their KP duty like dried oatmeal on a bowl. No one dared slip out down to the toy room. They wanted their bucks! Not only did Andy practice the piano with unprecedented enthusiasm and patience, but he played the part of teacher after his 15 minutes beeped and gave Paul a little piano lesson with his new found knowledge and deftness at the keyboard.

We read books at night and they stayed in their beds! Kate’s been reading books since she got home. She’s trying to earn enough bucks to sit down to “Phineas and Ferb” and take a load off.

Luke’s uptake of the program has been a tad slower. Last night I gave him a few “okay and obey” chances and he blew ’em. After realizing he has no tickets to watch “Star Wars” today, he’s eager to earn more. All he has to do is be nice to Dean all day, clear dishes, put away his folded laundry and not cry at his swimming lesson this afternoon. That’s four tickets right there. Obe-wan is within reach. We’ll see….

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Kate wants to read to me. I need her to earn some more family bucks so I can take a shower!

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