The Way to a Kid’s Heart


You would’ve thought it was Christmas morning.

Friday+half day+three day weekend+Valentine parties= we can’t be late for school!!!!! All week they’ve been decorating shoe boxes, smearing glitter, and choosing just the right message for each kid in their classes. (Nothing too romantic. They were adamant they not send the wrong kind of signals to certain you-know-whos.) Some of my favorite excerpts from Kate’s homemade cards were:

“You have great hair.”

“You are a good student. I like it when the teacher asks me to help you.”

They came out of that school with sugar cookies in hand, frosting slathered on their faces, valentines in backpacks and candy galore. Fridays don’t get better than that.

But right now, wrappers are everywhere. They are stretched out on the couch, their blood surging with insulin, sick with sugar overload. Maybe eating 15 rolls of smarties in one sitting wasn’t so smart…ugh.

Well, nothing a bowl of oats can’t sop up!

Happy Valentine’s!


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