Oats of Steel


I’ve done it. I’ve sworn off cold, sugared, delicious cereal. No more paying through the nose for nutritionless puffs infused with high fructose corn syrup. No more barking at my kids for nibbling out all the marshmallows from our economy sized bag of Marshmallow Mateys. No more “I’m hungry” 3 minutes after we eat, because they just want to soak in yet another bowl of cereal. We have turned to my friend, the oat.

Steel cut.

I know what you’re thinking, “But steel cut oats are so expensive! I just paid 8 dollars for a 24 oz can!” Yes, I paid that same 8 dollars last week and hoarded the nutritious breakfast all to myself, until I discovered Honeyville Grains. They sell whole grains in huge bags and will ship your order anywhere in the USA for only $4.95. I just bought a 50 lb bag of steel cut oats for 50 bucks, plus the $4.95 shipping. I would’ve spent that money for a month’s worth of cold cereal, easy. This will last us through the summer.

But how do you cook it? Doesn’t it take like forever compared to regular oatmeal? Not in a pressure cooker! 12 minutes, and voila! (Have I mentioned how much I adore my new electric pressure cooker?) We’ve had steamy steel cut oats for three mornings so far and the kids all love it. So much better than those slimy quick oats. It keeps us full until lunch and costs pennies per serving.

We’re in love.


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  1. You MUST try oat groats (the whole oat). I put mine in the crock pot the night before and wake up to creamy, yummy oatmeal.

    Google them, I’m sure you can buy them bulk up there… (That’s how I buy them… for pennies a meal)

    Serious. Best thing EVER!

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