Happy Birthday Stace!


Today is my big sister’s birthday. She’s the one whose clothes I used to steal because she left for school earlier than I did and I got home sooner too, so she was never the wiser. She also had to put up with me being her “kid sister chaperon” on more than one of her high school dates. She’s the one who’d take the heat after we got into a fight because, after all, I’m just a baby (I love being the youngest. Yes, all the stereotypes are true.)

She drove me to school, let me hang out with her cool friends, and to this day, she spoils me on my birthday. If it weren’t for her, I would have nothing but Paul’s old shirts for maternity wear. I would’ve thrown in the towel after 24 hours when it came to nursing my babies. I would’ve accepted baby weight as part of motherhood, but she has more kids than I do and she looks FAB. She can pull off hot pink lipstick and she makes motherhood look easy.

So thank you big sister for always looking out for me, blazing the trail for me, and letting me tag along for the ride. Here’s to another fabulous (cough) 29 years. Love you!


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  1. This is by far your best post ever. Thank you, Seester! I am the bossy controlling sister, while you are the fun carefree and creative sister. I’ve come to accept that truth. And am honored to call you sister and friend. I love you to the moon and back!

    • I would not use those adjectives. You haven’t been bossy in like 25 years. I look to you for what’s hip, creative and cutting edge. What should I do about such and such? What’s Stace doing? So don’t think “bossy.” Think, “Trail Boss.”

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