Valentines Be Mine


Last night we went to Wal-mart to buy valentines for school. I stood there in front of the ready-made valentines for a long time. You know the ones I’m talking about: some registered trademarked boxed set of 30 tiny valentine cards. Totally impersonal, but so totally easy. For $2.50 you can be done with the whole shebang. Just tear on the perforated lines, add a sticker and your done. It could be so easy….

But then I thought to myself, “Self? What fun are valentines if they are not homemade with love? What fun are they if your kitchen table is not covered with glitter, pink and red construction paper, and doilies?” My choice became clear. We headed over to the art supply aisle with gusto. After, of course, tearing away the “Transformers” pre-packaged valentines out of Luke’s tight clutches.

I have to admit, we spent a bit more than $2.50 on valentine supplies. But I looked at it all as an investment. I really should have 200 sheets of construction paper at the ready. I really do need a good assortment of glitter glue pens to keep in the craft box. And foam stickies? A must.

Then we stumbled upon the candy aisle. A full aisle of red and pink. I tried to make quick, prudent decisions. Linger any longer than 2 minutes in that place with 4 small kids and you can say goodbye to a pleasant evening. We chose lollipops and conversation hearts (because it just wouldn’t seem like February without conversation hearts,) and ran straight to the produce section to detox.

Plus, we really did need to pick up some apples, new socks, new underwear, and a few other non-perishables…so our grand total doesn’t really reflect our total cost per card. But the kids have half day today and we plan on having a blast making our valentines with glue sticks, glitter and all.

Now, aren’t you excited to check your mailbox this month?


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  1. I just saw Harrison’s Valentine card idea (which I’m pilfering from someone else). And what are you still doing here at WordPress?

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