Quotes of the Day


I have to write these down before I forget:

Luke: he snuggled up in our bed in the wee hours of the morning pleading for his Galactic Heroes (Star Wars toys.) Thankfully, they were on Paul’s nightstand. When he had them in his hot little hands he whispered to me intently,

“I can actually feel the force!”

Dean: Dean is starting to mimic whatever we say, even the volume. If you whisper his name, he whispers his name. If you shout, he shouts and so on. He says “Kate!” the exact same way Luke bellows it around the house. Besides our names, he can say “banana, “pizza,” “apple,” and “eggs.”

Kate: Yesterday over a Costco frozen yogurt, Kate and I discussed her upcoming Parent/Teacher Conference. She had come home with a sheet that asked me to list two things my child is good at and one thing she wants to improve. So I asked her, “Kate, what are you good at?”

“Well, I’m a really good singer and a really good painter. I’m gonna be like Taylor Swift or Leonardo DaVinci. I haven’t decided yet.” She smiled.

“Anything else.”

“Oh, ya. I’m a really good dancer.”

No confidence issues there.

Andy: Last night he asked me what the best part about being a kid was. My mind wandered over several answers including an awesome metabolism, having a personal chef, maid and chauffeur, sleeping in on Saturdays….

“Nope! Getting to see your cousins all the time!”

So here’s a little shout out to all my cousins out there who I rarely get to see. Lots of love comin’ your way!


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