Favorite Things


January is, without question, the longest month of the year. Yes, I know plenty of other months have 31 days, but January just seems long. It’s cold and grey and the one holiday it has ended when the month started. Spring is still a long way off and all those resolutions I was so gung-ho about, now just seem like work. So let’s have a little pick-me-up, shall we? Let’s talk favorite things. Just like Oprah. These are favorite things I have discovered and loved during January. This might even help you on your quest for the perfect Valentine’s gift. (Now, February, that’s a fun month.)

Favorite thing #1: Greek Yogurt. It’s non-fat, thick and rich and hefts 24 grams of protein per serving. Yum.

Favorite thing #2: The Clearplay DVD player. I discovered this long ago, but our machine broke a while back (a casualty of small children running loose) but we got a new one on New Years. It edits out the stuff you don’t want in your movies: the swearing, excessive violence, sensual scenes, etc…and lets you watch movies with kids with peace of mind. No more cringing at every expletive and fast forwarding through the junk. You just download the filter from the website onto their usb stick and put that into their dvd player and voila, a PG or G movie. We’ve clearplayed everything from Shrek to The Gladiator. Love it.

Favorite thing #3: Dancing lessons. My husband and I found a small local dance studio and are taking Salsa lessons once a week. Not only does it make for an unusual date night, but it’s a blast practicing at home too. We can’t wait for our next wedding invitation. Good thing I was on a Ricky Martin kick back in ’99 so I have some music for practicing.

Favorite thing #4: I got an electric pressure cooker for Christmas. It’s fab. Pot roast? Under an hour. Beans from dry to perfection? 50 minutes. Rice? 4 minutes. It has a setting to sautee and brown so you can brown your meat before putting the lid on. It can do anything. I’m thinking of making it a little cape, it’s that super.

Favorite thing #5: I’ve re-discovered Mad-Libs this year. They make for great indoor fun. Of course, my kids think every verb, adjective and noun should be a potty word (poo, poopy, dirty diapers, you get it) but they are rolling with laughter during the read-back every time.

I’ve got more, but we’ll leave them for another day. What are some of yours?


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  1. I LOVE our Clear Play also. Also, I need some great pressure cooker recipes. That is on my 2010 list. Learn to use the pressure cooker and find a stellar pizza dough and pizza sauce recipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I finally bought a rug for my bathroom I have wanted, and wanted, and wanted. It was like, $12 at Homegoods, so why I hadn’t bought it until now I will never know. But it made me happy the minute I laid it down on our bathroom floor. Here’s to January…

  3. I’m addicted to Greek yogurt. I continue to shock myself each time I fork over $6 for a container of Fage, but that stuff just can’t be beat. My rationalization usually involves some comparison to Haegen Daz and how at least greek yogurt is a healthier vice… In a quest to make greek yogurt more affordable and immediately available to me, I ordered some Greek starters to make at home with my yogurt maker–good, but not Fage. I also recently bought the honey-flavored Greek Gods yogurt–not a “true” greek yogurt, but YUM. Lennox and Caleb were begging like birds for bite after bite after bite.

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