Right to Read


Long ago my mother-in-law instituted a “Right to Read” program in her home. For a few hours every Sunday (and more during the summers), she would tell her kids they could either nap, be quite, or read. (She had a large brood.) And wouldn’t you know it, they all became voracious readers.

Right now my kids are watching Star Wars. It’s a holiday and there’s no school. So, of course, that means we wake up late, stumble into the play room and watch Star Wars until we get peckish. Then we will ourselves all the way upstairs to the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast, and then plan the day from there which would most likely involve another movie.

Well, today I am taking a nod from my dear mother-in-law and we are having “Right to Read” today. All those Junie B. Jones books I’ve been too tired to read aloud to them at the end of the day, all the library books still sitting in the library bag in the corner, all the Junior National Geographic and Ranger Rick magazines that have piled up. Today we read!

Now, to tell you the truth, my mother-in-law had a flare for the dramatic and would actually take cutting shears to the power cord on the TV when she was sick and tired of the kids starting at it with glazed over looks. Yes, scissors. To the TV. Obviously, she didn’t have a large flat screen with HD. You just can’t do that to a TV so sharp you can see Oscar the Grouch’s pores. But I can unplug it. That’s right, I said it: unplug the TV! I will unplug it and get out our books on this frosty morning. We will make hot chocolate and burrow in with books and blankies and escape into the rabbit holes of our authors’ imaginations!

Well, right after we watch his awesome scene with Master Yoda showing off his skills with the light saber…I love this part.


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