Flip Flopped


Shoes. According to my favorite comic strip “Cathy,” they are supposed to be like chocolate for the feet. But not mine. You see, I have to shod 8 little feet before I can think about a pair for me.

In Arizona, it was easier. Flip flops all year. I would wear my flip flops, they would wear flip flops until they literally flopped off our feet. Through hot summers and pregnancies, the flip flops were my best friends. They left plenty of room for the kids to grow. Tried and true. I had no aspirations for more glamorous shoes. What would be the point? Sweaty restricted feet? Gross.

And then I had this marvelous store called “Last Chance,” that is exclusive to Phoenix. You know all the Nordstroms returns that never made it out of Nordstroms Rack? “Last Chance” is where they all go. Items are ridiculously marked down and all sales are final. Every single pair of dress shoes I own, I bought at “Last Chance.” They have a surprisingly large selection when you need water skis for shoes like I do: size 10. I got married in a size 9. (Maybe it was all that flip flop wearing and 50 pound pregnancies.)

I don’t like traditional shoe shopping. Whenever I see a darling shoe on a little pedestal there under the bright lights and soft music, I go for the bait. I call to the handsome clerk, “may I see this in a size (cough) ten?” He hustles to fetch his potential sale, and then like Prince Charming’s Duke, he kneels down to unveil the biggest boat of a shoe I have ever seen. The bright lights even act as a magnifyer and disenchantment sets in. I usually mumble something pleasant, try it on lamely, say I’ll keep looking and get out of there. Where’s the fun in that?

So when we moved to a climate with 4 very real seasons, I had to retire my tattered flip flops in the fall. (Sniff.) Time for real shoes.

And now, not only do my kids need a pair of sandals in which to frolic all year, they need snow boots, galoshes, sneakers, dress shoes, and of course sports shoes like tap shoes, ballet shoes, and cleats. And they keep growing, and growing and growing! I’m buying them shoes all. the. time. I can actually hear the dings on my credit card when I look at their feet.

So what’s covering my tootsies now? Besides the dry cracked heels and calluses? Well, after everyone else has been fitted and laced, I have found comfort in my Ugg Boots. Knock offs, of course.

But I still can’t wait for summer…just listen closely and you can almost hear the flip flop, flip flop of little, and big, feet.


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  1. my feet went from a ten to eleven. I am just starting to accept that fact. I can’t tell you how many size tens I tried on and discarded because they didn’t fit. Fortunately I still get to wear flip flops. Sadly though nobody seems to carry elevens.

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