Highs and Lows


Every night at dinner, we like to go around the table and tell each other our “highs and lows.” Occasionally we’ll add, “and something funny,” just to liven things up. The highs are good things that happened during your day, the lows, the bad. So here are my Highs and Lows for the day:

High: Licking the spoon I measured the maple syrup in for my lemonade concoction.

Low: The fact that is a high.

High: I have survived two days on this crazy “cleanse” (it’s not a diet, it’s a cleanse you know.)

Low: It’s only been 2 days?? Are you kidding me?! How much longer?

High: A very kind retired couple helped me out to my car when I came out of Costco. Dean had fallen asleep (30 minutes before schedule) and I had the heaviest items known to man in my cart. They took one look at the sweat on my lip trying to corral Luke while holding a sleeping baby and lugging a 400 pound cart across the parking lot and they sprang into action. Bless their hearts! Who knows if they’ll ever read this, but kudos and thank you!

Low: My total at Costco. “Are you sure you scanned the coupons?”

High: Having fun with the kids during “Mom’s Running Club.” (Everything is more fun when it’s a “club.”) We found an indoor track next to the place Andy takes lessons, so while we wait, we run!

Low: Dean’s is happy in the stroller during Mom’s Running Club when he has a full sippy cup. His sippy ran dry too soon.

And Something Funny: Having Kate talk and sing way too loud the whole time because I let her use my i-pod. She’s new to the whole headphone concept. “Never ever, ever never, ever forget!!!” (From “A Night to Remember,” HSM3)


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