Club Princess


Princess Alivia and Princess Kate

If you have a girl between the ages of 2 and 6 it would be a safe bet to assume you are the proud owner of more than one princess getup. Us? We have a whole tub full. Sleeping Beauty, Belle, tutus, even a Mulan kimono.

Kate has even been invited to several “princess birthday parties” where the girls are invited to come in costume. I know if I had received such an invitation 25 years ago, my mother would have been bent over the sewing machine for days. That’s if she had the time. Otherwise I would’ve had to improvise with a hand-me-down leotard and some tulle she found half off. But these little girls today just have the agonizing decision of which one to wear!

How can I deny my sweet girl days of fun pretending she’s a storybook character when I see all that pink satin hanging in the thrift store? That’s how we’ve come to collect so many. I tried to hide away the ones that no longer fit, you know, to give back to our favorite second hand store. She found the stash in the garage the other day and felt quite betrayed. In her opinion, a six year old fits just fine in a 3T. So now Cinderella’s in a miniskirt.

Since my nieces have been here, the dresses have gotten more use than ever. If there’s anything that transcends age, it’s playing dress-up. They have formed a “princess club” in Kate’s room. It’s so exclusive (girls only) I have to put Luke to sleep in my own bed, then transfer him once the princesses are asleep.

What little girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess? And now, thanks to Disney and mass marketing, she can be! Although on Saturday mornings I like to blare “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from “Annie” during chores.

A princess’s story is so much more compelling if she starts her journey in rags.

Of course, every princess needs a brave knight. Enter Luke.


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