Fire with Fire


All of my kids have what you call a little “fire.” They got spunk, chutzpah, a little spice.

Last night, Kate had her very first loose tooth. Both sets of grandparents were at the house and she proudly wiggled it for all. The entire day previous she kept telling me she could only consume soft foods.

“Do you have anything that’s soft?” she’d say when I presented her with a bowl of tooth crushing,gum tearing cereal. But she wasn’t in the mood for eggs, yogurt or soup. “This left over container of Cool Whip will be just fine.” Very clever.

She wouldn’t let anyone get near the tooth all day and for a while I thought she’d wiggle it until it died and we’d have to create some sort of ruse to get her to open up to extract it. Then I got a wiggle. In the brief moment she let me touch the tooth before her jaws of death clamped down, I was able to discern it needed at least another 48 hours before it was fully ripe. Then she surprised me. She got out a paper towel for traction and right there in front of both grandmas, she yanked it right out of it’s fleshy socket. Zup! Blood bloomed onto the towel and she grinned a big grin. She jumped up and down at her amazing feat and ran around the house, parading the incisor for all to inspect. She had done it! Pulled her own tooth out before it was even ready! Now that’s fire.

Another example:

Before the sun was up this morning, “Buzz Lightyear” tip toed into my room and whispered, “will you unzip me?” I figured he’d high tail it to the potty once he was free, but he didn’t. He went to his room to change. That could only mean one thing: it was too late. Well, I was tired, and figured the mess could wait until morning. That’s when my husband came walking down the hallway. (He’s an early riser.) He could see Luke in the spilled light with nothing but a wet shirt on. Instead of asking for help or bursting into tears, Luke chose to stare down Paul for a long while. Finally, Paul blinked first and asked, “What happened buddy? Do you need help?”

With a steely cold voice that didn’t want his pity, Luke told Paul, “Just go to bed.”

Way to take the offense, buddy.

That’s the kind of fiery personalities I’ve got under my roof. I’m happy they keep things interesting. I just hope they don’t burn this roof down!


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  1. These are the kind of stories that you need to put in book form (they do have a link you can do that with) Erin talks about it.
    These are the things that are forgotten over time, but such treasures to remember !

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