Exercise TV


The delivery man came yesterday. A couple of hours later with the help of a drill, allen wrench and muscle (Paul’s, not mine) we are are the proud owners of a commercial grade elliptical. It was a very generous Christmas gift. It has been at the top of my many letters to the North Pole since 2002, and now, it’s finally a reality!

It’s all part of my grand hopes and goals for 2010. Goal one: get these last 7 pregnancy pounds off. I know I’m not morbidly obese, but something about not getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight before your next pregnancy–it sears the weight onto your hips and psyche. Like a branding iron–ssszzzzzzz……then it’s no longer “baby weight,” it’s yours baby. So, seven pounds. Check.

It’s whisper quiet too. It won’t wake up the baby and you can watch TV at a normal volume and follow the plot just fine as you stride along.

Which brings me to goal two: less TV. I hardly watch it. It’s the kids. For years, my husband and I were the only ones who knew how to operate the complicated DVR remote control. I tried to keep it that way as long as I could. As soon as “Dora” was over and the whole screen paused, they used to come begging to me to watch another spellbinding episode.  But  it was just a matter of time. My little borderline geniuses have cracked the code. I’ve tried hiding the remote a couple of times, but then, I’ve told you about my memory (never did find that last Christmas present!) So now it’s come to this: find a way to link up the elliptical to the TV. There must be a way to power the huge glowing pacifier via manual labor…

Paul’s great solution to computer game time is this: pick up 100 things . Pick up 100 things and you can play “Battle for Middle Earth” for 15 minutes. Want to play longer than that? That’ll be another 100 things.  This morning I was picking up in the playroom and Andy stayed my hand. “No mom! Leave me at least 100 things to pick up!”

Alrighty then.

All the more time on the elliptical for me.


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  1. Brad whaley has a little side business in his house making generators out of bikes. I’m sure you could talk to him about doing the same with your elliptical. Ü

  2. I bought a mini tramp about a year ago, and told the girls they were welcome to watch TV – – – as long as they were moving while they did so. It’s hit-n-miss. However, I get a kick out of walking into the playroom and finding one girl on the tramp (motionless) and another mid-march (also spell-bound by some wonder on the tube). Good Luck, and let me know if you find something that works.

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