Grannie’s Angels


Angels we have heard on high

After Christmas, we loaded our front wheel drive sleigh and went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a little Post-Christmas Christmas. Our kids got to spend the entire weekend running loose through that labyrinth of a house with 2 dozen cousins. Doesn’t get better than that!

To cap off the Christmas weekend, the Grandparents held their annual nativity play for all the grandkids to star in. Long ago, the cast was just big enough to fill out all the parts. Now there are several supporting roles: a dozen shepherds, several animals (who give rides to all coming to Bethlehem,) a shepherd Jedi Knight (Luke refused to wear a costume until Paul told him it was a Jedi costume–then he refused to relinquish the sword. He looked like either King Herod lurking among the devout shepherds or a Bedouin arms dealer,) an intimidating innkeeper, and four glowing, sweet angels.

Our “Mary” was ever so serene. A picture of piety amid the chaos. Our “Joseph” stoic. With that many little boys hastening to worship the new born babe, we decided a doll would be the best choice to put in Mary’s 4 year old arms. The older grandchildren led the singing, played the piano, and narrated the scene.

Even though it was loud and more than a few toddlers didn’t hit their marks, it made me think about that night, so long ago. I thought about how brave Mary must have been. I thought about the excitement the angel must have felt to be the one to deliver that news. And when those four lovely angels raised their little arms in the air, right on cue, I thought about what a precious heavenly host must have sung in that choir.

I know Christmas is over, but I hope I will see my little angels for who they really are all year.

The "Littlest Angel" during Joy to the World


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